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Welcome to Fluid Biosolutions

With a focus on aseptic fluid management and single use technology, Fluid Biosolutions brings to the Australian market some of the most respected global manufacturers of pharmaceutical processing equipment.

Founded in 2015 with a vision to offer our clients not just high quality products, but a great customer experience, we work tirelessly to support our clients in the best way we possibly can. Whether that be designing customised solutions for single use systems, or working to ensure ongoing supply of critical processing consumables, you can be certain that we are always putting our customers first.

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High purity tubing and hoses

high purity tubing and hose


Bioprocess Containers

bioprocess containers


Fittings and accessories

pharmaceutical fittings and accessories


Tube sealers and welders

tube sealers and welders


Pumps and sensors

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Containment solutions

containment solutions


Providing Biopharmaceutical Industries with Innovative Products and Solutions

Fluid Biosolutions represents a growing number of global manufacturers that deals with single-use technology, silicone tubing, pharmaceutical pumps, and equipment supplies. Our commitment to our clients enables us to be hands-on in guaranteeing you get the best product suited to your applications. From selecting the most appropriate tubing right through to custom designing complex single-use assemblies, we offer local expertise supported by world-class products.

Supplier of Key Products and Single-Use Solutions for Critical Fluid Management

Since our establishment in 2015, we have been a trusted supplier to the Australian pharmaceutical industry of products and customised single-use solutions for critical aseptic fluid processes. With over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science industries, we pride ourselves on the personalised support we are able to offer our customers, backed up by the very highest quality products and services.